Basement Design Property Of Half Wall Basement Hom

Wine cellar. Basement with the wine, with wine casks

Basement with a swimming pool

Free bar plans and layouts


New Design of Basement Window Well Covers

Basement window well covers present colorful and beautiful characteristics from its shape and design. It is a kind of window which has been made for the best apartment in any design. This model is made with a

How to Modify the Glass Block Basement Windows

Glass block basement windows are the new design on every house in the back wall for having a circulation of the air. However, this type is made for the decoration of the wall in order to get

Smart Ideas Insulating Basement Wall

One option is to store your belongings that are no longer used is to use the basement, but you also can make the basement as a place to indulge, but if the condition of your basement is

Risen to the Roof of the Garage

Risen to the roof of the garage – Since long time a sign of life. A lot has happened since the last post. Most work has been done in the basement. We have developed a basement room

Faq’s Concerning Basement Finishing

There are lots of inquiries to consider prior to redesigning a cellar area at home. To be certain you don’t get taken for any ride by the builder, it is best to request as numerous concerns as

Basement Finishing as well as Redecorating Programs

Transforming your moldy and also damp downstairs room in a dried up and also valuable room can be easy by making use of basement finishing as well as redecorating remedies. This can be highly essential not only